Starting solids with a baby led approach

Confused about starting solids with your baby?

Wondering what to offer, when and how?

The Raising Happy Eaters workshop on starting solids will help boost your knowledge and confidence to safely offer your baby whole foods from the start.

A baby led approach (also known as baby led weaning) is all about sharing meals together as a family and your baby feeding themselves from the start.  So, if you want to have a fun and enjoyable experience introducing your baby to solid food, sign up now.


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Let's make mealtimes fun!

This practical and interactive workshop will help you guide your baby to become a happy healthy eater from the get go.

It will help you feel confident to offer finger foods by teaching you about baby development and how babies learn to eat, which foods are suitable from the start and how to adapt ones that aren't.

Throughout the workshop you will have the opportunity to have all your questions answered with accurate and up to date information.


“There is so much to read online about BLW but nothing compares to actually being able to talk to an expert and ask your own questions.  Claire is so knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease asking any questions."  

—  Rosy, mum to I and L

“I now know the signs to look out for when my baby is ready and what to offer him and in what form” 

—  Charlotte, mum to H


Next workshop  TBC

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What's covered in the workshop: - 


Starting solids with a baby led approach

What to expect (from 6mths to 1yr)

Baby development and how babies learn to eat

How food complements breastfeeding/bottle feeding

Size of first foods and food preparation

How to adapt family meals

Choking and practical tips to start safely

Iron rich foods

Introducing allergenic foods


“Claire has a wonderfully supportive and welcoming style, it was so helpful to have her on board when I needed advice about my baby's dietary needs. I can't recommend her enough."

— Laura, mum of B

The details: -


  • This is a 2 hour online workshop, using Microsoft Teams*

  • Delivered live by a registered paediatric dietitian

  • Ideal for parents of babies between 5 and 6 months old**

  • Maximum 5 participants per workshop to ensure full benefit

  • Next workshop TBC

  • Real food demonstrations, videos, photos, practical tips and ideas

Post workshop: -

  • Access to online content including summary handouts, a recipe booklet and meal ideas as well as recommendations and links to trustworthy and reliable resources

  • Ongoing email support up to your child’s first birthday

*(does not require previous use)

** (I recommend attending a workshop 2 weeks before your baby turns 6 months so you can use the knowledge gained as soon as possible)

Next workshop  TBC


I'm Claire, a registered paediatric dietitian.  Before creating Raising Happy Eaters I worked in the NHS for over ten years.  I run these workshops on starting solids with a baby led approach.


Drawing on my knowledge and experiences as a dietitian and a mum of 2 young children, I have helped many parents create a more enjoyable weaning experience for the whole family.

I would love to help you too.