Raising happy eaters 

Let's make mealtimes fun!

Practical workshops for parents on starting solids, with a baby led approach - now online

The Raising happy eaters workshop on starting solids will help boost your knowledge and confidence to safely offer your baby whole foods from the start.  All your questions will be answered with accurate and up to date information. 

I'm Claire.  I'm a paediatric dietitian and a mum of 2.  I'm passionate about how babies are fed and I'm on a mission to support parents in guiding their babies to become happy healthy eaters.  


With so much misinformation out there, my aim is to dispel myths and ensure parents can make informed choices about how they feed their babies.

Together we can make mealtimes fun and stress free!

What's covered in the workshop:- 


Starting solids with a baby led approach

What to expect (from 6mths to 1yr)

How food complements breastfeeding/bottlefeeding

Size of first foods and food preparation

How to adapt family meals

Choking and practical tips to start safe

Iron rich food

Introducing allergenic foods

The Raising Happy Eaters workshop is now online!  I'll be delivering the live weaning workshop from Forest Gate , East London.

In the relaxed and comfortable setting of your own home, we will spend 2 hours exploring this exciting milestone in your baby's development.  You will have lots of opportunity to ask all your questions. 



“There is so much to read online about BLW but nothing compares to actually being able to talk to an expert and ask your own questions.  Claire is so knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease asking any questions."  

—  Rosy


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